Good Housekeeping: Content Creation vs. Curation

Lauren Reho
2 min readMay 26, 2020

Good Housekeeping is an American women’s magazine owned by Hearst Corporation, featuring articles about product testing, health topics and other women’s interests.

An example of created content was their graphic advertising the idea of supporting small businesses. This graphic was created by the magazine team and followed the color guide to match the brand’s personal style aesthetic. There are other inspirational graphics throughout their Instagram page using the same fonts, logos and colors to give the brand a recognizable graphic as well as add a sense of consistency amongst their social platforms. This specific example highlights small businesses and gives accounts a space to share their love for other business organizations. For example, Elle, Delish, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan commented on this post to support and encourage each other during hardships such as COVID-19. This graphic is on-brand because it is uplifting and empowering just as Good Housekeeping magazine is. This example of created content is a good strategy because it is original content which drives traffic, generates leads and is highly desirable for followers.

Good Housekeeping also features a great deal of curated content such as the organized refrigerator photograph to build relationships with other social media accounts as well as enhance their page with content that they may not have been able to put together on their own or did not think of the idea first. This curated content is a great strategy for many reasons including the fact that it saves time, builds relationships and presents a wide knowledge of things and ideas the magazine covers. Good Housekeeping gave credit to the Instagram user who took the photograph by tagging their user account, thus, forming a connection with a new account. Moving forward, the magazine did not have to set up a photoshoot to take, edit or pose any of the items in the photo. Rather, it saved time by simply resharing the photograph to their own Instagram page, a win-win for both accounts.