Promoting Positivity Through New Instagram Features

Lauren Reho
2 min readMay 13, 2020
Photo by Prateek Katyal / Unsplash.

This article surrounds the topic of promoting positivity on social media platforms such as Instagram, which is still facing challenges in the long fight against cyberbullying such as hateful comments and abusive accounts. Instagram is supposed to be used as a space for sharing photos, creating memories and capturing life’s most exciting events in a page that is uniquely one’s own. However, with the rise of cyberbullying, platforms like this can easily take a toll on one’s mental health leaving them to feel that there is no escape.

Instagram has released new features to take control over negativity such as being able to delete comments in bulk and block or restrict multiple accounts at once; this can be very helpful to those with large followings. This site is also creating controls to manage who can mention or tag who on Instagram. Users will be able to choose to give permission to who can tag, comment, caption or feature them in a story to either everyone, people they follow or no one at all.

To foster a more positive environment during one’s daily scrolls, Instagram will soon be testing out Pinned Comments which will allow users to select a specific number of their favorite comments to pin at the top of the comments thread.

This is huge for businesses and influencers as they will be able to take down comments that may prohibit their growth and block out users who do the same. During a time in which everyone is home spending a lot more time than usual on their electronic devices and social media platforms, it is important to keep the space lighthearted, encouraging and fulfilling. Being able to soon choose which comments spark the most joy on a thread and pin them at the top can mean a lot to one and be much better for mental health in general.